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America's Got Talent - 616 on July 25

America's Got Talent Episode 16
The votes are in and four acts from the previous night’s performance show move on to the top 24 to continue their pursuit of the $1 million prize -- and be one step closer to becoming the most... NBC Shows: America's Got Talent

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Icarus on July 25

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Episode 1
After a young call girl is murdered, investigation leads Goren and Eames to a hard-partying, "rockstar" fashion designer extraordinaire. Would the fashion house’s key members stoop to murder to protect... NBC Shows: Law & Order Criminal Intent

Harry's Law - Innocent Man on July 25

Harry's Law Episode 3
Harriet defends a man serving a life-sentence for a murder he did not commit. Meanwhile, Adam risks disbarment, and Malcolm and Tommy help an overweight woman sue multiple fast food giants... NBC Shows: Harry's Law

The Marriage Ref - LAUREN GRAHAM, COLIN QUINN,.. on July 24

The Marriage Ref Episode 5
Lauren Graham, Colin Quinn and Mary J. Blige offer their opinions on couples' marital tiffs. Included: A man prefers shopping with his friend instead of his wife; a pair disagree over what makes... NBC Shows: The Marriage Ref

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The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
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Jessica Alba Sue Johanson
Jessica Alba Sue Johanson
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
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Don Cheadle Zach Braff
Don Cheadle Zach Braff
  • Sarah Roemer as Leila Buchanan (The Event)


    Sarah Roemer stars as Leila Buchanan, Sean Walker's (Jason Ritter) would-be fiancee who suddenly disappears during a Caribbean.. >> Detail

    Sarah Roemer
  • Megan Boone as Lauren Gardner (Law & Order: Los Angeles)


    Boone made her feature film debut last year in the Lionsgate cult hit "My Bloody Valentine," directed by Patrick Lussier. In addition to.. >> Detail

    Megan Boone
  • Boris Kodjoe as Steven Bloom (Undercovers)


    Boris Kodjoe stars as Steven Bloom, husband of Samantha Bloom (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and one of the best operatives the CIA has.. >> Detail

    Boris Kodjoe
  • Lisa Vidal as Christina Martinez (The Event)


    Lisa Vidal stars as Christina Martinez, the supportive wife of President Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood) in NBC's new high-octane.. >> Detail

    Lisa Vidal
  • Mariska Hargitay as Det. Olivia Benson (Law & Order: SVU)


    Emmy Award winner Mariska Hargitay stars as Olivia Benson, the committed and emotionally driven detective on.. >> Detail

    Mariska Hargitay
  • Steve Carell as Michael Scott (The Office)


    Steve Carell received the 2006 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Television Comedy and has received three Emmy nominations.. >> Detail

    Steve Carell

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